Thursday, August 6, 2009

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Hi All,

When i was doing a web application using 2.0 framework and And at first the page postback was the major problem because the user was losing more by waiting for page postbacks. In this situation i started using Ajax.

I download Microsoft Ajax Extensions dll and added it into my toolbox. And i added scriptmanager into my page. And below scriptmanager i placed updatepanel. And in updatepanel i arranged my controls.

Now the problem started is when running the website no build error is comming. But when page load finishes a javascript error icon is in the left corner of the screen. When clicking on the javascript error the message is

'Sys' is undefined

And still the page is postbacking. And i checked lots of ways including removing all references and add again etc. But no effect.

At last i found the problem is in my web.config. So what i did is i downloaded microsoft ajax setup and installed into my system. After installing ajax web taking 2005 theire will an option in new website as microsoft ajax enabled website. Open one Microsoft ajax enabled website and use its webconfig for my application and now the sys is undefined error gone

See my web.config also




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